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Edward Whymper –
Chamonix and the range of
Mont Blanc: A Guide

First Edition, London 1896
Original paper binding in good condition
206 pages plus advertisements, illustrations, and maps

When he first saw the Alps in 1860, Edward Whymper was a 20-year-old English wood engraver whose dream was to become an arctic explorer. Ambitious and hungry for adventure, he fell in love with the challenge the Alps presented and set out to conquer them peak by peak. Whymper made quick work of the challenge, racking up dozens of first ascents and acquiring a reputation as one of the best in the nascent field of mountaineering.
But on the Matterhorn, considered to be mountaineering’s Holy Grail at the time, Whymper met with failure again and again. On his eighth attempted ascent he finally succeeded, becoming the first man to reach its magnificent summit. The victory came at a heavy cost, however, as Whymper watched four of his companions fall to their deaths on the descent. It was a tragedy that would cast a shadow over the remainder of his life.
This book details his later climbs in the Chamonix area of Mont Blanc. Whymper, an Englishman born in 1840, died not long after this book was published. He owns a first ascent of Chimborazo in Ecuador, as well as other South American high peaks. He also climbed in the Canadian Rockies in the Golden Age of climbing there. He is buried in Chamonix France.
This book is old and looks old, but is in reasonably good condition. All pages are intact, and many maps are enclosed. At a glance the text is a guide to the history of climbing around Chamonix, especially Mont Blanc. There are many pages of interesting advertisements. Whymper created many of the engravements himself. It is obviously unsigned by Whymper, as this practice didn’t begin until the 20th century.

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